As technology improved wide enough, all development has two faces pros and cons and it mainly depends on how it is used. Now, many people make using spy apps on someone which is easily possible due to technology development.

Some may think how it is possible to hack someone’s phone without knowing them? What if phone security is made stronger? To give an open answer to these questions it is possible to hack someone’s phone even when it is secured. Because phone security does not matter to hackers, these securities can be easily broken by hackers within a short period of time.

How hacking is possible?

Hacking is done by using hacking software or spyware which are readily available in open source initially hackers use SS7 spying software but now the hacking tools are compatible even in mobile phones which can be accessed in android or iOS platform. how to hack someones text messages without having their phone  and how to install them in mobile it is so simple to do here are steps to install spying software in mobile are listed below.

  • Select your desired hacking tool or spying software from the internet or there are several mobile hacking apps you can install anyone in the target phone.
  • Once the spying or hacking tool is installed you need to run the set up in the target phone.
  • Once the software is installed then you need to get access in your mobile so you need to create your account in the official hacking website.
  • Make sure that you create a strong password with all combination of number, special character, and alphanumeric. Put username quite strong enough.
  • Once username and password are created it will ask permission to access as administrative control.

In addition, there are special features such as enabling silent, hide application icon which helps you to hide this application icon in the target phone.

Once all these processes got over you will get access to the target phone, now you can see all the data like text messages, call logs, social media messages, listen to their conversations and email chats, hack cell phone text messages etc.

By following the above process you can install the spying software and can easily access all digital data in the target phone without knowing them.

Reasons for hacking

In common parents would hack child’s mobile to monitor their chat messages in order to prevent from cybercrime activities.

Even employer hacks on employees mobile to check whether they are loyal to the company and keeps the entire confidential data safe without leaking to competitor companies. Some entrepreneur hacks their competitor business people mobiles in order to get some business strategy which would help them to increase their business.