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How Hack Text Messages without Target Phone?

Some of the most excellent ways to get hold of the secret messages

Let’s point out some situations. Suppose, you are a parent who wants to spy on your child’s activities on the phone. Or you are an employer who concerns about your employee’s productivity on the company’s devices.

You must be thinking that all these can be done only through professional hacking and it can’t be done by normal people like us. But what if we tell you that it is possible in some ways?

Well, it is possible and in this article, we will talk about how to hack someones text messages without having their phone.

Is it possible to hack someones text messages without having their phone?

hacking phone

The answer is yes. Mobile hacking is possible by normal people like us. Due to the advancement of technology and the digital world, hackers have developed many simple ways to hack into mobile and access the files and data in there. These simple ways are beneficial to the common people as they can easily hack into the mobiles of targeted people with very low expenses.

Hacking a mobile device and getting to know about the text messages and conversations of the targeted person is a very attractive idea. Many people would get excited to do so. This is because of their willingness to peek into the personal matters of other’s life.

As far as it is legally concerned, spying is acceptable, but when it breaches the privacy of a person without any cause, it becomes a threat to the digital world. iPhone text message hack and android text message hack is possible through various apps like NEXSPY, etc.

Mobile phone hacking app


The basic way how a person can hack into the mobile phone of a person and get access to all personal data like text messages and call logs is by using a spy app. A spy app like NEXSPY is an app compatible with all types of mobile devices and can work as a wonderful hacker to the target phone.

The processes of these kinds of spy apps are usually quite similar. You have to install the spy app on the targeted phone at a beforehand time and when you want to access the phone, you can easily access it without the person knowing that you have accessed his or her phone.

How to hack someones text messages from another phone?

To discuss this topic, we will talk about the spy app named NEXSPY. NEXSPY is an excellent mobile hacking spy app and is famous all over the world for its truly excellent services. The app can easily help you get your targeted person’s Android or iPhone hack text message along with other details like the call logs etc.

Apart from the text message hack, this app can also hack cell phone text messages of social media sites like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. It can also track the GPS location of the device too.

The app is easily available on its online website and can be used very easily even by a layman. The following are the steps to use the app:

buy nexspy
  • Create and log in to your NEXSPY account after purchasing a license. To access the premium services of the app, you must purchase the premium license from the official website of the app.
  • Install the spy app on the targeted phone at a beforehand time. You must do this in the following way:

1.Enable “Unknown Sources” on the device. You can find it under “Settings” in the “Lock Screen and security” tab. Enable the option and then click on “Ok”.

install nex1

2. After this download the app on that device and install it.


3. The app will ask to activate it by entering a license code. Enter the license code which you got when you purchased the premium.

activate code

4. After this remember to clear “Browser” and “Download history”.

  • The app gets successfully installed and activated in the target phone. You can now access the data on the phone whenever you want by viewing the Monitored Data via the Control Panel. Also, you can log in with your credentials at any device and access the data from it too.

The above steps of using the app are nothing but how to hack into someones phone. Next, we will talk about the legal aspect of doing such an activity.

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Well, speaking in general, it is illegal to do an act like this where you access the personal details of a person without his or her consent to spy on them. This is the reason why such hacking apps like NEXSPY, mSpy are not available in the official Play Store or App Store.

It is morally unethical and a person must have this sensibility to avoid being engaged in such acts. These acts, if get caught, are taken strict action. This may lead the person who tried such activities to paying heavy penalties or even going to jail.

But there are some cases where an Android or iPhone text message hack or a call log hack can be considered legal. These are under very limited cases which especially involve parental supervision over underage kids. A parent can do such a spying act on their underage kids to see whether they do not go in the wrong path or indulge in relations with wrong people.

Can someone read my text messages from their phone?

Now, this article might have made you feel afraid of your mobile device getting hacked. You may fear that someone can install a spy app on your android or iPhone hack text message and steal important data from your device. This can be avoided in the following ways:

  • Avoid rooting or jailbreaking of the device
  • Always keep a secure lock screen password or PIN
  • Be careful before handing your device to an unknown person or to a person who is very close to you but not much trusted by you.

All these can help you keep your mobile safe from such threats.

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