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Best GPS Personal Locators That You Can Use to Locate Your Child

The 8 – 12-year-old age group is indeed the developing section of the cellphone market these days. As a matter of fact, according to an article (MSNBC) quoting the Yankee Group, around 41% of children in the said age group own a mobile phone in the US.

Although some parents may possibly feel that children at this phase have no interest on having a mobile phone one the simplest yet most effective ways to ensure that they are safe at all times most especially if you are not around is by either using a GPS tracker for kids or adding GPS personal locator services.

Despite the fact that different hardware devices are accessible for GPS tracking, the GPS personal tracker service also comes from your cellphone carrier directional without using extra equipment. As soon as you have a cellphone that already comes with an embedded GPS technology, in fact, you will simply need software to go with it. From here, you will be able to track your children between home and school and even verify their whereabouts at the place of their friend.

In today’s modern age, there are now myriads of GPS personal locator to choose from and take note, they are not created the same. As a result, choosing the best one can be very confusing. To help you in choosing the best service, the following are some of the most reliable and effective GPS personal locators these days where you can choose from.

Sprint Family Locator

If you want to ensure the safety of your kids, then the Sprint Family Locator can be a great option. As a matter of fact, for only 5$ per month with 15 days free, parents will be able to view the real-time whereabouts of four cellphones on an interactive map from any personal computer or mobile phone that is web-enabled.

This GPS personal locator service, on the other hand, provides unlimited safety checks and of course, location checks. Nevertheless, with Sprint, safety checks will send a message the moment your children reach specific locations based on the pre-configured location as well as time setting.

When it comes to the accuracy of the location, Sprint, on the other hand, ensures that you will obtain the best probable place fix given the circumstances.

In addition, when you are looking for a phone, generally, the Sprint Family Locator will give a location accuracy wherever between a few yards or even a hundred yards.

Sprint, however, reminds their current and future clients that certain circumstances may possibly yield imprecise or wrong location data such as:

  • The cellphone is deep inside a car or building
  • The device is not covered by sprint network
  • The phone is turned off. That is why it is very important to ensure that your kids’ phones are powered on at all times
  • The battery of the phone has run out of power
  • The phone is close to reflective or large surfaces, ponds or lakes for example
  • Lastly, the cellphone is surrounded by trees, canyons, hills, as well as high buildings

This GPS personal locator supports all Nextel and Sprint mobile phones that has a rooted GPS technology.

Are you wondering how the Sprint Family Locator works? If so, then visit this link to a watch a video demonstration of this service. This app is the most popular child trackers

Kajeet GPS Locator

Despite the fact that Sprint is known as one of the major cellphone carriers for all types of customers, Kajeet, on the other hand, is now in the business to explicitly target all the parents who want to have a wide variety of wireless and child-friendly options.

Nevertheless, the optional GPS cellphone locator of Kajeet costs $9.99 a month that is twice the price of the Sprint. But unlike the Sprint Family Locator, at first, the Kajeet GPS locator can be used for one month for free.

Aside from locating the phones of your children, with this GPS personal locator, you can also set an automatic check-in. What’s more, you will be able to check the location of the phone online.

With this service, you’ll also receive automatic emails that have particular times of the day and location of the phone.

While parents may make use of GPS tracking to guarantee the safety of their children, they can actually use to track their siblings and elderly parents as well.

GPS Tracking at Alltel Wireless and Verizon Wireless

Alltel Wireless, as well as Verizon Wireless, offer the same GPS services for only $9.99 a month.

The Chaperone 2.0 which is offered by Verizon wireless works along with the GPS service of the carrier known as the VZ Navigator. While the service of Alltel is known as the Alltel Family Finder.

On the other hand, Verizon Wireless’s GPS tracker allows every parent to establish “Child Zones” as a geographical box around places such a friend’s house. In addition to that, parents will get a message alert if their kids enter and at the same time leaves safe zones.

Along with the National Sex Offender Registry, Sprint provides a service that is free of charge known as the Family Watchdog. Nevertheless, this service will send a message to a parent if a register sex criminal moves to your area.


There you have it some of the most reliable and most effective GPS personal that you can use today to make sure that your kids, and even your siblings, as well as elderly parents, are safe all the time.

As you can see, with the help of these locators, you will be able to track your kid’s whereabouts with ease.

So if you are always worried about the safety of your then investing in any of the above-mentioned GPS personal locator is a good idea and wise investment. After all, they are not that expensive. However, make sure that the phone of the person you are trying to track has sufficient battery as these services won’t work if the device runs out of power.

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